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The old adage We Are What We Eat can be taken a step further to say We Are What We Absorb. The same applies to our companion animals. Health issues manifest from within, so when an animal does not have a pure, whole food diet, their internal environment will not be one that promotes healing or prevents dis-ease. It starts with a healthy diet. Then, the healing properties of herbs, and the balance-restoring attributes of probiotics, enzymes and vibrational essences can maximize their mechanism of action.

All of our ingredients are CLEAN and PURE. Clean and Pure to us means that our ingredients do not contain toxins from pesticides, herbicides or heavy metals. Our products are also devoid of fillers and bulk agents. All our products are made in small batches, by hand, using certified organic or responsibly harvested wild-crafted plants. Without fillers, the dose for administration is significantly less than most other supplements.

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