Welcome To Sustenance Herbs

Herbs for Life, Inc., of Kittery Maine, is a small batch manufacturer of handcrafted Organic Pet Supplements for Horses, Dogs, and Cats.

Our supplements are pure, with no fillers or bulk agents. With a passion for all things organic and whole, we develop our formulas using research-backed ingredients, time-tested botanicals, and holistic veterinarians. Our SUSTENANCE™ supplement and SUSTENANCE™ apothecary lines are blended for optimum synergy, bringing you balanced formulas proven to support many common pet health concerns.

Through the use of certified organic, responsibly, and ethically wild-harvested herbs and superfoods, we are a company devoted to helping bring balance to your pet through mind, body, and spirit.

  • NASC Certified
  • Small Batch Manufacturer
  • Certified Organic Products
  • Wild-harvested Herbs & Superfoods
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NASC Certified

SUSTENANCE™HERBS is a proud member of the National Animal Supplement Council.

As a member of the NASC, we underwent a rigorous independent audit of our facility. We proudly display the NASC Seal of Quality on all our products as a guarantee that we are committed to the highest current standards of quality in the industry.

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The unsurpassed synergy within our blends create optimum absorption with therapeutic values proven to support most pet health issues and will keep pets healthy, organically.

02Certified Products

Our products are uniquely developed and formulated using time tested, researched botanicals, holistic veterinary and herbal expertise, and with a passion for all things organic and whole.

03Best Ingredients

Our proprietary, organic plant and super-food based formulas contain only the cleanest, most wholesome ingredients. Some even contain herbs from the coast of Maine - the place that we call home.

04Value and Service

Call or email us Monday-Friday with a question about our products and we'll know the answer, because it's ours. We'll be happy to help you find the perfect products to help your pet thrive.