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Raw Food Diet for Cats - Part 2

Raw Food Diet for Cats - Part 2

The Changeover That Works - Part 2

Written by Joyce Belcher - Herbs for Life,Inc

First, remove all other food.  Present the raw food in a small amount, keeping your mind and spirit happy and positive regarding the balanced nutrition you have just offered to your cat, telling them how delicious it is.  Do what’s natural, smack your lips, be happy then leave them with it and start your own dinner or do something other than watch them. 

Start with 1 tbls. per cat.  You can always give a tad more if they want it but only a tad.  If you feed too much right out of the gate and they devour it, you risk the chance that this new “real food” may be too rich for them.  With a tiny amount, you will be doing them a great justice.  They will remain interested and hungry for the next feeding, they will detox the poor quality commercial food from their system and take the first step to ridding the salt addiction.  Always add a little warm water to the food as they may vomit if it’s too cold.

Let’s say the cat eats nothing, snubbed his nose at it and walked away.  Wait about 45 minutes then happily remove the food and forget the whole thing.  If they ask for food between meals give them extra love and attention.  Active play is especially good because it will work up an appetite. 

Repeat this procedure for a minimum of 4 meals, that’s only 2 days.  A fast of two days is beneficial for healthy cats because old wastes and toxins will be excreted by the body quickly. 

NOTE:  no fasting at all for kittens, cats w/ diabetes, cancer or hyperthyroidism unless carefully monitored by a veterinarian.

If your cats are in the small percentage that has not eaten the new food after 2 meal attempts, they will now be hungry and will jump at any compromise you offer.  Use something from the list (see below) of “Bribe Foods.”  Take the tablespoon of raw diet and mix it with 2 tbls. of “bribe food.”  This will satisfy his addiction to salt (momentarily) but continue to keep the small portions gradually decreasing the amount of Bribe food while increasing the raw diet.  By doing this gradually, they will soon lose the salt addiction and start feeling better.  Cats are smart about choices, they know what makes them feel good and then will only eat “the feel-good food.” 

Here’s how that will look:

First two days.  3 parts Bribe Food to 1-part ideal diet.  Feed extremely small meals, about ½ the size of your cat’s usual meal.  If he wants more, give him only the ideal diet food (sans the bribe food).

Next three days.  50/50 ratio.  Keeping the meals very small as before.

Next three days.  One-part Bribe Food to 3 parts ideal diet. 

From then on, your cat will be happy to eat only the ideal diet and be on his way to a healthy, happy life!  Your cat can finally have as much as he likes twice a day.

If you’re feeding some vegetables they must be cooked in order for your cat to digest them.  Use 1 oz of cooked veggies to 1 lb raw meat-organ blend.

Veggies:  Steamed broccoli, carrot, zucchini, winter squash, sweet potato, kale chopped fine.

You can use an organic raw egg; 1 per pound of meat.  The egg counts toward your meat portion.

Round this out with a good complete daily supplement containing vitamins, minerals, trace minerals.


Bribe Foods:

            1 tsp. canned food, seafood type

            ½ slightly cooked chicken liver

            Canned mackerel or sardines (preferably packed in water w/no salt added)

            Juice from canned tuna


Raw Meat Diet for Optimum Health and Safety

  1. Choose high fat meat (15% or more). Cats require more fat than we do.

Choose from raw beef, chicken, duck, turkey, rabbit or venison, organic or antibiotic/hormone free, and must be human grade.

  1. Be sure there is calcium in the meat. It’s very important to balance the phosphorus and calcium (see recipe in Part 1) or buy ground raw food containing the ground bone. An imbalance, over time, can cause heart and lung problems but it’s quite simple to balance this.
  2. As with any animal or fish protein, whether for yourself or your pet, use safe handling. Thaw frozen meat in refrigerator or quickly in sink using a glass bowl, only thaw enough for 3 days max, wash the cat dish immediately after he eats, every meal.

Need some help choosing your cats ultimate raw diet?  

Give us a shout, we're happy to help.      800-510-9597

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