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Protect your pets paws - Winter & Summer

Protect your pets paws - Winter & Summer

Winter walking in the woods, especially in the deep snow can show us the challanges of our bare foot pets. When the snow clings and snowballs form to cause pain and irritation, the longer the walk the worse it can get. But not only is walking in the snow an issue many towns salt the sidewalks with not "Salt" as we know it but chemical snow melters like Calcium Chloride, this poses a different health challenge and can burn the feet, here are some things you should know before setting out on a walk with your pup to keep him safe and comfortable.

  • Use a petroleum free (natural, organic) Paw protector - Protect-A-Paw, click here to order
  • Reapply as needed on long walks
  • Use Paw protector especially for walks on city pavements

Check out Joyce's Article written for Maine Dog Magazine to read about the joys of wintering with your pet and how to avoid the pitfalls - click here or go to the publications page at the top of the website and look for the article:

Winter 2017 - Embracing Winter With Your Pet

Did you know that salt and most ice melt products can be extremely irritating and toxic to your dog?

 Remember, the summer heat causes hot pavement and beach sand that can severely burn your pups' feet, keeping them safe only takes a couple of minutes.  Protect-A-Paw protects all year round.

Enjoy and Happy Wintering!

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