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Natur-Repel - Natural Repellant

$ 14.00

Natur-Repel Oil & Spray

The oil is a concentrate of Organic Neem oil and added essential oils of  Organic Geranium, Organic Lavender, Organic Citronella, Organic Lemon & Organic Lemon Grass. The Natur-Repel Spray is the same great blend of oils as the Natur-Repel Oil  but with the dilution of witch hazel, shake well as it naturally separates and spray away, the oil being much more concentrated is great for deep woods so you will not have to re-apply until your dog swims or you simply can no longer smell it.  The scent is very pleasant, the base oil is also Certified Organic which leaves human skin feeling wonderful and soft, especially with the lack of bug bites that you will have! Remember, skin absorbs whatever is put on it meaning healthy or chemical.  You can rest assured that Natur-Repel will not be toxic to your dogs' organs.

The 16 oz size is a great bargain and you can choose to dilute with your own witch hazel or water or use it neat.

 All Ingredients Non-GMO

PLEASE NOTE: Not for use with cats


Certified Organic herbal-infused oils (solar infusion), Certified Organic Neem oil with Certified Organic Lavender, Certified Organic Lemongrass, Certified Organic Lemon, Certified Organic Geranium and Certified Organic Citronella essential oils, and Garlic Flower Essence for the vibrational message.

Q. Oil vs. Spray, which is better?

A. The answer is about convenience.  I use the Natur-Repel Oil when I’m going to be out for most of the day Wild-Harvesting, hiking, or sitting by a campfire because it lasts until showered off or in my dogs case, has been worn off or by swimming or time. Sweat doesn't dilute it as quickly as the spray.

But……I love the spray when I’m outside in the evening on my deck and the black flies or mosquitoes are out, I simply mist it over the dogs and myself and Voila!  No more pests!