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Sustenance Hume-Munity 2021™
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This broad-range antimicrobial supports the immune system. Has ability to detect virus and trigger defense responses. Adaptogens provide vitamin C and antioxidants.

• Anti-viral - Anti-bacterial - Anti-fungal
• Immune modulator
• Effective against viruses
• Support for upper respiratory health

Directions for use: 80 drops twice daily

Now with Cryptolepis

All Ingredients are Non-GMO                                                                       



Hume-Munity™ contains a proprietary herbal blend of: *Amalaki, *Astragulus, *Neem leaf, †Reishi mushroom, *Licorice root, *Olive leaf, *Red Ginseng, *Crypotolepis

*Denotes Certified Organic, †Denotes Responsibly/Ethically Wild-harvested without the use of chemicals

Dosage for Daily Use

Directions for use: 80 drops twice daily

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