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Horse World Expo 2018 Information

Check out the following seminar times for the Horse World Expo "Dog and Pony show with Joyce Belcher and Margaret Stewart.....

The Power of Detox Thurs 3/l 2-3pm Hall A

Every horse is in contact with compromising toxins daily creating stagnation and dis-ease. This seminar will explain what these toxins are and how to remove them before they do damage. You’ll receive a chart to take home and use with your horse in his stall showing acupressure points that support the natural detoxification of the organs along with specific herbs and superfoods that assist this process, as nature intended.

Element Typing: What Element Type is Your Horse? Fri. 3/2 Hall A 4-5pm 

In this seminar you will learn how to determine the individual, the “type” your horse is and how acupressure along with herbs can bring it all into balance. You’ll walk away with a new-found freedom and understanding for how best to move forward improving your relationship with and overall health of your horse using synergistic techniques.

Anaplasma…it’s NOT LYME  Sunday 3/4 Hall B 1-2pm

Understand the difference…in this seminar we will break down the variables, explain options to help keep your dog/horse safe using holistic and/or conventional protocols including herbs, acupressure points and nutrition. You will learn how to support your horses physical and enteric body for optimal wellness by reinforcing access to the immune system.

 for information on the Horse World Expo, please go to:

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