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Sustenance Canine Ear Cleanser
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Ear Cleanser

Helps to stop itching and irritation by soothing and reducing inflammation from stings, bites or infection. It will clear most bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Much more than just a cleanser, it heals and smells wonderful while keeping your dogs' ears comfortable.

This botanical cleanser is made using solar infused Certified Organic and Wild harvested herbs that we grow and harvest right here on our farm in southern Maine

Including the center of the Certified Organic Aloe leaf and Certified Organic essential oils of Lavender and Tea Tree, Black Walnut Extract, Chickweed (which is a drawing agent, meaning it will draw out impurities like yeast and dirt within the ear canal); St. John’s Wort is a nervine, (soothes inflamed nerve endings) as well as an anti-viral, anti-bacterial that is soothing as well as healing. Helps to stop itching, irritation, inflammation from infection and bug bites. It will clear most bacterial, viral and fungal infections.


For cleaning, simply put a few drops on a cotton or gauze (lint free) pad and rub the inner flap of the dog's ear. to remove impurities or infection, put 2-4 drops only in the ear canal and rub the outer ear, leave in for 1-3 hours and wipe away the "gunk" that surfaces, repeat once or twice daily until the ear is healthy and free of "gunk."

All Ingredients Non-GMO

Used and recommended by fine Holistic Groomers.


*Aloe Leaf (the center)
*Chickweed & St.John's Wort infused oil
*Essential Oils of Lavender and Tea Tree
Distilled Water

*Denotes Certified Organic
†Denotes Responsibly/Ethically Wildcrafted

All ingredients are non-GMO

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