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Sustenance Pet Calming Formula
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Canine & Feline Calm or Liquid Pet Calming Formula


This certified organic herbal formula helps to calm anxiousness and tension in dogs and cats alike. Pet Calming Formula works directly with the central nervous system to calm the nerves from over-stimulation during stressful situations such as:

  • Groomer and Veterinary Visits
  • Doggie Daycare
  • Thunderstorms
  • Travel
  • Holidays
  • Moving
  • Sports Activities

Pet Calming Formula is made using only Certified Organic herbs.

All Ingredients Non-GMO

NOTE: We recommend Easy Does It™ for Horses.

  Due to Vermont Satute Title 6, Chapter 26 - This product is no longer available to ship to Vermont 


Active Ingredients per ml (250mg): 1 drop = 0.03ml A proprietary herbal blend of: *Chamomile Flowers, *Skullcap, *St. John’s Wort, *Passion Flower, *Valerian Root, *Lemon Balm.

Inactive ingredients: Distilled Water, Organic Raw Honey, Organic Cane Alcohol (less than 2%)

*Denotes Certified Organic
†Denotes Responsibly/Ethically Wildcrafted

All ingredients are non-GMO

Dosage for Daily Use

1 drop per 2 lbs of body weight for dogs and cats. Can be mixed in food or administered directly in pets' mouth for an acute situation.  This will last in the system up to 4 hours. We extract the medicinal constituents of the herbs in Certified Organic alcohol, decoct (remove) alcohol and add raw honey so the cells in the body will absorb quickly and this makes it quite palatable.  Pet Calming Formula is used by veterinarians and groomers to lessen the pets' stress, making their care giving much more pleasant for everyone. 

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