happy dog by the ocean in maine happy dog by the ocean in maine

Small batch
organic pet supplements
and veterinary botanicals

Keep your pet healthy, organically!

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Made in Maine for your pets!

Handmade in small batches using 100% non-GMO ingredients.

Since 2008, we have been developing proprietary, organic plant and super-food based formulas that contain only the cleanest, most wholesome ingredients. Some even contain herbs from the coast of Maine - the place that we call home.

Our mission (and our passion) is to help pets get healthy and stay healthy - as nature intended. Whether it be the added boost of supplements to an animals diet, or a powerful special formula designed to address more serious issues, we have trusted toxin-free, blends that we control from “raw to ready.”

We are a small-batch manufactuer, but a big believer in value and service. We are the formulator and in-house manufacturer for nearly 50% of our raw materials, and we know what the synergy within each ingredient represents for all of our formulas. 

Call us for a quick answer or email us if you’re not certain about a formula and we’ll explain how it works in the animal body and can offer a more suitable choice based on your pets condition. 

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Keep your pet healthy, organically!

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Don’t forget to check your pets often!

And to help support their immune system try our Bor-L-Immune formula. For use with dogs and horses during the season and should be ingested daily.

All ingredients are NON-GMO. 
Proudly Made In Maine!

Keep them safe the natural way with the power of plant medicine!


Think Beyond the Bowl!

The Original mine Pet Platter is a revolutionary new product that will forever change the way dogs and cats eat!
It's the first-ever pet eating territory designed to unleash the instinctive, healthier eating behavior of dogs and cats.

HOW you feed your pet matters, too!