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Paper Vs Plastic….

Posted by Joyce Belcher on

Paper Vs Plastic….

Packaging is a rapidly evolving field especially in ingestible markets. Besides keeping foods and supplements safe from contamination and retaining the nutritional properties and virility of the ingredients, packaging provides additional features that are important to us consumers. These include resealability, tamper evidence, and the display of product information, as well as reuse or recycling features.

When we first started making organic pet supplements, the containers that were available to us in our very small required quantity were food grade plastic, period. That never felt good to us as we did not like the idea of supplying Certified Organic herbal and superfood products in plastic containers, it just felt wrong. We definitely spend time researching many of the expressed health concerns regarding chemicals migrating from plastic packaging into food or supplements that come in contact with it and are not at all comfortable with the reported information. We do not store our own food or our dogs’ raw diet food in plastic but use glass or ceramic. So why put our pet supplements in them?

We spent nearly a year sourcing a paper tube that could be lined to add a moisture barrier, would be recyclable and from a sustainable source and not leach any toxins into our finished goods.

 Voila! We found the current canisters that we now use and have for the past 3.5 years in all our herbal powder blends that are additionally made to be shelf stable in retail store environments. These canisters are recyclable and use a much more sustainable material source.  We feel so much better!


To take this one step further, we’ve offered refill “sachets” (bags) that are made of recycled Kraft paper that are thermally sealed for repeat customers locally, eliminating the need for a new canister each time  a refill is needed. We are pleased to offer these same “sachets” for our online customers now as well! The bags provide a lower cost to ship due to much less packaging, creating an overall lesser footprint in use of materials, and they too can be easily recycled after use, a win-win. Simply dose from the bag that is zip locked for easy closing OR transfer the ingredients into your existing Pet Wellness Blends™ canister.

Our buckets are lined with a bag made from corn and are biodegradable.


Check out our supplements and thoughtful packaging Now that is forward thinking!

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